Investment Strategy

Cadenza typically secures its position through either advisory mandates with property owners or strategic partnerships with equity providers or banks.

This allows it to undertake technical due diligence, and for development projects the required pre-construction development concept work, to arrange institutional capital and bank finance to support the investment. Where the projects involve work outs, Cadenza is able to offer low advisory fees in return for sharing success related upside proceeds due to its work.

Cadenza can also use its own capital to acquire development positions. The best example of this was its Hallera Gardens residential development project in Wroclaw, a 4.7 ha site it acquired on a work out basis and without entitlement from TrizecHahn. Cadenza formulated a development concept for the site, pulled together a development team and initiated the implementation of the project through a Joint Venture with a local developer, funding the initial conceptual and development phases of the project with its own capital. The project was voted best multi-family housing development in Poland from 2008 – 2011.

Cadenza will also consider funding set up costs to support the creation of real estate private equity funds. It will only consider such an investment where it is able to identify “best of breed” management teams to implement the fund concept, and where it believes the underlying fund investment rationale is exceptional and will support sustainable investment and development strategies.