Andrew Alexandrowicz

Andrew is a finance/real estate professional with 30 years’ experience working in Poland. He was Investment Director at Warsaw Equity Holding, responsible for managing a significant portion of its real estate portfolio before joining a Canadian private equity group focussed on commercial real estate acquisitions and residential development projects in Poland.

From 2009 he has been employed in Poland by Rabot Dutilleul Poland, responsible for project development at RD Bud and since 2012 Nacarat Polska, initially as CFO and currently as Managing Director.

Andrew began his career in Canada in 1986 with Yamaichi Securities, where he was responsible for Euromarket debt underwriting and then at Merrill Lynch Canada in their derivatives trading division. He then moved to Poland in 1990, where he was employed by the Ministry of Privatisation before joining ITCA Europe Ltd, a turnaround management advisory firm.

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Queens University Canada.

Andrew’s role in Cadenza is to help implement the Cadenza sponsored residential led corporate and site acquisition development programme for Poland.