Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Policy

As an experienced real estate investor and developer, we take the following considerations into account when adding value to our investments and providing a healthy environment for our employees:


  • Continually review and improve the environmental performance of our investments (focusing on energy, water, waste and greenhouse gas emissions).
  • Proactively seeking opportunities to lower resource consumption, by making strategic capital investments when needed.
  • Work with recognised partners and contractors to improve environmental performance.
  • Establish procedures and protocols to ensure protection of the environment. This includes sustainability evaluations for all proposed investments and regulatory compliance as well as meeting elevated voluntary compliance initiatives (LEED and BREEAM).
  • Educate employees and stakeholders in environmental risks and best practice measures.


  • Promote an equal opportunity environment for our employees.
  • Prioritise the safety and welfare of our employees, ensuring high labour standards and providing support and encouragement in the workplace.
  • Create safe, sociable environments through our developments and working with local stakeholders to identify and utilise opportunities in our projects.
  • Provide access for the disabled so that our developments can be fully used by all sections of the community.
  • Ensure where possible that affordable housing is included in developments so that a sufficient number of homes can be provided to meet the needs of low income families that will support strong, vibrant and healthy communities.


  • Maintain for all investments a comprehensive Compliance Manual together with related policies and procedures.
  • For regulated structured investment initiatives, engage with external compliance consultants to provide independent advice to our compliance team and to perform quarterly monitoring of our compliance arrangements.
  • Ensure accurate and structured reporting to provide our clients with a clear picture and understanding of the performance of their investments.
  • Follow requirements and guidance published by the relevant regulatory authorities in our target markets.